About Us

Esconxuro Tasca Galega

Esconxuro Tasca Galega is a bar! Where we seek proximity in dealing with our customers, always offering our respect and quality in our products. It is a space where to share moments and food. So we invite you to enjoy this experience, choosing your dishes thinking that all of them will go in the center of the table to make a round and shared experience. 

About to be tasted, we will present you the seasonal tapas and the rotating wines and, if you don’t want to sit down, you would always have the option to eat at the bar. What can you eat? A little bit Galicia! Meat, fish, seafood … and much more! Behind our creations there is effort, perseverance, dedication and affection. We want every bite to be a satisfaction. Do you want to join us???

Our Team


The Galician and owner

At home, everything could be missing except food! Eating at home was a gift and a celebration that we extended together with the family, the marc and the stories near the fire. I am from a small town in the interior of Galicia … not a small town! “Village” where there are more granaries than houses and that if you blink when you are about to arrive you miss it.

Vegetables, meats and liqueurs are always homemade, with the flavor of the earth and the rain. On holidays we always cooked “polbo a feira” that we previously scared by hitting a stone and washing it in the water that came out of a fountain in the middle of the field. Copper pot and laurel. And the fish … we reserved it for the days we traveled to Vigo. Appetizer of oysters in La Piedra Market and freshly caught fish from les Rías boats. Always everything without lemon, because… there are no lemons in the sea.

This is what I wanted to bring to Girona. Everything but the rain. And what I would like you to live in La Tasca.

Saudiña !!!


The Catalan

The pleasure of small things. to be greeted cordially and with a smile when you arrive at a new place, and to seek your well-being throughout the stay at La Tasca  with a formal but affable treatment, it comforts,  and  are small pleasures that we unconsciously miss when they are not given to us . This was one of the triggers that created LA TASCA.

We wanted to create a meeting space where proximity, warmth and quality of both; treatment and product were the protagonists of each meal. I still remember the day we offered “Male tomato salad” … the laughter from all over the room spread as he offered the dish: – What about the females?!!! And a dialogue began on the quality of the product and how we could know the genus of that fruit … Great! A moment to remember…. I also remember the day we received an octopus bigger than me … and this is saying!

How would it fit in the pot? On a scale I put it inside, and yes, it fit and it was great. We choose, smell, taste, have fun and share the experience with everyone who wants to enjoy a moment that … will be this: an always different moment in which we will try to give you the best of ourselves!

You join us?


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