La Tasca was born from a mix between illusion and longing.

Illusion to bring and present products that evoke memories of a land remembered for its blue, green and yellow colors: Galicia. And longing because it is a place where every traveler wants to return for its food and the warmth of its people. We have brought it to Girona. At La Tasca you come to eat well, products selected for their quality and freshness, made with love and the greatest respect for our land. Without unnecessary sophistication, we give prominence to fish and seafood, to tender and ripened meats, to seasonal vegetables and to homemade desserts.

We consider ourselves purists because we do not want to mask the quality of the products or the memories they evoke. And yes, we are Tasca, because we look for company, proximity and joy to recreate the moments of warmth that surround meals with family or friends. Welcome to Galicia, welcome home!

Where can you find us

We are waiting for you in downtow Girona, surrounded by history and culture to offer you the best from Galicia!

 C/ Anselm Clavé, nº 22, Girona

Our hours:
Monday to Sunday from 13 to 16h and 19:30 to 01h
Kitchen hours:from 13 to 15:30h and 20 to 23:30h

Contact us  here.

We accept Euros, RES, Tiquet restaurant, Cheque gourmet, Sodexo i Bitcoins.